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This is a VERY comprehensive Report, including my services and more.

It helps people find The Way,

and understand the narrative of their life.

This gives you a very in-depth look

into hidden patterns, and schemas,

helping us understand who we are,

how we feel and the origins of it all.

It helps us to get to know ourselves 

and understand those mechanisms

and emotional patterns within our lives.

By understanding the narrative of your life,

your life path and life purpose, one

becomes empowered to make choices

that are in alignment with your highest self.

You will also discover your personal legend,

which is your destiny, which will awaken

the desire to become the greatest version

of yourself. 

It is a lot of information!

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Mini Natal Chart Reading worth €33

Let your stars be a guide on your life path. 

I will write a mini report from your Astro chart.

1 Hour Tarot Reading MP3 worth €60

Unlock and uncover the details about

your past, present and your future.

Automatic Drawing worth €50

I diagnose, heal and correct the energies

within yourself, your relationships

or situations that you are finding yourself in.

Karmic Numerology Report worth €33

Reveal messages, patterns and karma,

using an esoteric method of Jewish mysticism.

Comprehensive Reading is €150 and will

be delivered to the email address provided. 

Please provide me with your full name,

full D.O.B and your burning issue.

Once payment is confirmed, the reading 

will be delivered within 28 business days. 

I look forward to working with you

Yours faithfully, Ester ☆

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