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live the life you love


The encounter with my clients puts

the mind and body in a meditative state,

during which I connect to your energy by journeying through a landscape of your being. 

Guided by the Spirit, I use a variety

of techniques to identify blockages,

obstacles, traumas and help remove them. 

To reach our fullest potential, we need to attend to all parts of ourselves.

This is also known as the journey within,

to meet yourself, to know yourself,

for want of a better word. 

My healing focuses on shedding light on the root or source of any burning issue to help you step forward in life and reclaim it.

In order to heal and be empowered, all that is hidden within is brought to light and into the awareness for healing and release.

By making the shadow conscious, we reclaim lost parts of ourselves, our energy, and our life.

This is an active path - one that sets you

on your way and you do the rest.

I look forward to working with you

Yours faithfully, Ester ☆

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healing through the power of energy


Feeling more grounded ​

Restore balance to your body, mind, soul

Have a better clarity

Increased vitality/life force energy

Greater ability to maintain changes in life

Strengthened immune system

Ability to let go of deeply rooted patterns 

Healing emotional traumas and conditioning

Ability to move forward in life

Alignment with your life path

Make more conscious choices

Heal ancestral lineage and karmic ties

Removal of heavy/dense energies

Get a sense of wholeness and wellbeing

Create desired life changes

A deep sense of inner peace

Be more in tune with yourself

Overcome fear, panic and anxieties

. . . and so much more


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