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the secret behind numbers


Numbers are Universal Patterns and

Hidden Messages that the Spirit uses

to communicate with us.

Reveal the messages, patterns and karma
using the esoteric method of Jewish mysticism.

Unlock what is hidden behind

your name and date of birth.

Karmic Kabbalah numerology reading
can help you understand you, your life, 
the secrets behind your name and D.O.B,
your life cycles, pinnacles, critical years,

your life path, your mission and many more.

It can answer you why are things the way

they are in your life, what years within your whole life will bring you breakthrough, 
turning points and what each life cycle

holds within itself, including the general theme of each cycle and pinnacles.

This report is also very good if one is considering changing a name be it via

your own decision, by marriage or simply

when choosing a name for your business.




reveal the secret behind your numbers


It is a written report with a LOT of information.

I also include astrology and any other additional messages I receive from the Spirit world to help clarify your reading.

For this purpose, I will need your FULL NAME

including all middle names you might have

and of course your date of birth.

It is important to remember, 

that despite the divine spark within us,

were are only humans after all and for that

humility, humbleness and meekness

should very much be present, when

working with the fate of human beings.

That, which is happening is governed

by much higher forces, than we are.

As my grandmother always used to say

"Do not annoy the Gods, I tell ya."

A report like this takes about 14 days,

so I kindly ask for your patience.

The cost is €33 and will be delivered via email.

I look forward to working with you

Yours faithfully, Ester ☆


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