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I will respectfully and lovingly

facilitate a conversation

with your loved ones in spirit

to bring forth messages, memories

and other facts to connect with you.

As a spiritual medium, I receive

messages from the spirit world

which I can "hear" (clairaudience),

"see" (clairvoyance), "feel" (clairsentience) and "know" (claircognizance).

It is an opportunity for you to bring

about peace, settle unresolved conflicts,

get closure and reassurance,

that they are safe.

It is important to remember,

that even though we may request

a specific loved one, this is a decision

of The Great Spirit.

Only those we truly need

to communicate will appear in our session.

I have studied Mediumship

at the renowned Arthur Findlay College,

in London, UK.

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A reading typically lasts

somewhere between 20-30 minutes

depending on the individual session

and the cost of the is €70.

Information received during

the session will be recorded to an audio.

Once payment is confirmed,

your reading will be delivered

within 14 business days, 

via MP3 recording

to an email address provided. 

I need your full name and date of birth

and also the full name and date of birth

of your beloved soul you wish to connect with.

I look forward to working with you

Yours faithfully, Ester ☆

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