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  • Ester Caty Young

Faith No More

After much contemplation, I have decided to sweat the "big stuff".

The invisible, the invincible and the seemingly immortal occurrence called Faith.

Ever since the dawn of time, live beings on planet Earth have had the desire and inner need to look towards something that is bigger, something that has the power to make or break all that is.

Historical and archaeological documents have proved that by their discoveries and shown us the primary artifacts of worship; The Sun for starts was the initial stage; something that brought light, warmth and harvest. It was the holy and glory to humanity, as it allowed us to see around us, feed us and keep us warm. Something like a loving parent would do for us, but this came from a place high above that no ordinary being could reach. So gratitude for this good-loving occurrence was being spread everywhere.

Then the moon and night was the representation of the darkness and possibly evil, where humans were stripped of all those virtues the Sun gave them. Sounds to me like the Tao principle of “good and bad”

and so the ultimate war was taken place every day, where Sun won every morning and Night every evening.

Then came the worship of animals; Egypt is famous for cats, India for Holy cows.

The trouble I find with humanity is their never-ending struggle and the need to poses what they cannot have. So, since nobody could touch the Sun, they started using reachable things on earth that would symbolize that unreachable higher power that was keeping them alive. This act developed in my opinion to bring them closer to the higher source. If they chose cats as the personification of The Divine Sun, than owning a cat would bring them closer to the source. The love of power grew stronger and so did the ego of humanity. All their attempts to get closer; let’s state the example of the Tower of Babel failed. So is this need to reach the equal state of the Sun/God/Divine because we all felt inadequate in our mind? Do we feel we are better people if we reach the virtues of the Sun/God/Divine? Maybe the failing of the tower was God's way of showing us we need to take another approach rather then climbing up to the sky.

Is it our incredible sensation of inferiority that results in the needs to conquer and surpass

that what's above us until we reach the "top" ourselves? Roman emperor Caligula

proclaiming himself a God, gaining absolute power over everything.

Now, in 21st Century also known as The Common Era, I ask myself a question;

"Are we now truly an evolved civilization with a common sense, evolved past the all these experiences?"

There is one book that has more power than any other book ever published

and every nation has their own version; The Bible, Koran, Torah, The Vedas, Dharma.

Book of ancient scripts that pulls together humanity from all the corners of the world, that imposes upon people believe systems and often dogmas of "the truths" of our existence and "All That Is".

Every person has a set of believe systems, the troubles starts when they become dogmatic.

We are living in a world of dualism.

Our crisis is our crisis of consciousness, our inability to recognise our true nature and the inability

to recognise it in everyone and everything. There is no such thing as good and bad..

it is only our interpretation of circumstances that have entered our live and the effect it had on us.

Human mind has the need to rationalize and box everything in order to process it and understand it.

In reality, all that is, is only neutral in it’s nature, in it's core.

It just simply is. It is our interpretation of it, that puts a value of good/bad on experiences in our lives. Remember everything good has something bad and everything bad is for something good.

Experiences that each and everyone has within our lifes are simply lessons

(no matter how easy and often difficult they are), they are still lessons.

We need those in order for us to learn, grow, evolve and transcend back into out real nature.

In the words of Allan Watts:

"We are an aperture through which the Universe is looking and exploring itself."

We all have the capacity to be saint and evil like. We must come to recognize that within ourselves.

We need to understand that to our visible eye we are separated, however that is an illusion, for we are connected with everything, we are part of everything. We are "All That Is" and "All That Is" is also us.

There is nothing but God.

It is our experiences and life circumstances and our reactions and interaction with such

that often result in either us behaving like saint or evil. One cannot judge another person,

unless you have walked and experienced their path.

Unless you do, you cannot truly understand the reason behind their being the way they are.

"If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer’s day. Nothing stimulates our appetite for the simple joys of life more than the starvation caused by sadness or desperation. In order to complete our amazing life journey successfully, it is vital that we turn each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom, and find the blessing in every curse.”

- Anthon St. Maarten

In Hinduism, there is a spiritual practice called Ahisma, which is set a moral principles

that teaches the principles of non-violence, peace, be respectful and reverent etc.

One interesting thing about the Hindu principles of Ahisma, Yamas (how we treat others)

and Niyama (how we treat ourselves) is that it teaches their scholars that reaching the absolute state perfection of these practices is impossible. It’s like the story of Buddha who was trying to reach Nirvana to help end suffering and in his efforts he was losing his earthly self. Then one day while meditating, he overheard a musician-teacher on a boat telling his student: if you tighten the string too much it will snap,

if you loosen it will not play properly. Ahisma teaches us the importance of not being stubborn and dogmatic in our views about ourselves, life and world. For everything is a cause and effect, everything has a reason.

There is a fine line between right and wrong, good and evil, positivity and negativity,

for it is only our own perceptions and believes of such that forces us to label things in a light or dark way.

Judging anything as negative and dismissing such is for example a very limited perceptions.

We must come to understand that all that is is also part of us and we are part of it,

so if you are judging anything, you must come to undestand, that whatever has manifested in your reality,

is showing us that this manifestation is also within us and we must learn to understand and embrace

this phenomen. I say to embrace it simply, because it has manigested to teach us something and it is not said for nothing that what you resist persists. He who knows others is wise, but he who knows himself is enlightened. Universe and "All That Is" a compound of manifested possibilities that are either collapsing

into nothigness or materializing into our is very much like being born and dying.

Our journey apart from many others is to learn and embrace that "All That Is"

in all it's forms without labels and preconceptions.

It is simply just occurences, possibilities, opportunities and circumstances being born into our reality

and then passing/collapsing into another reality which is unpreciavable by us.

Taking away the religions and humans tend to impose behavioural patterns onto others...

such as "I know what is best for you and if you follow me, you will be better of

and if not than you will be miserable for rest of your life."

These are just manipulative and controlling patterns that people use on others when they cannot face themselves or accept themselves wholly.

For example Hare Krishna claims that milk is the holy drink and imposes vegetarianism

as the only right way of feeding one selves. But where is the common sense in this?

What about the people who are allergic to dairy products?

What about the poor Eskimos that are destined to eat meat and fish in order to survive the cold climate?

In the teachings of Ahisma, it teaches us that should we have a dogmatic believe that only vegetarian food is the right way, and the only food available to eat to us would be meat, it is a an of violence towards us, because we let our body starve in order for the mind to hold onto those values.

So Ahisma is basically the use of common sense that we act and behave appropriately

in accordance to circumstances around us.

Otherwise it’ll be like asking the holy cow in India to sit down the local pub

and eat a cheesburger for lunch with a pint of larger.

Every person has to find their own path and their own truth. It is within everyone of us.

Religions and Spirituality have one thing in common; they preach love.

Love truly is the core of all that is. It is what binds us, what connects us...for only love is real.

If we remove love, we create void and from void comes suffering in all it’s forms and glory.

It’s like a blackhole portal.

But do we truly however understand what love is?

“Love is neutral, Love does not put resistance, Love does not take sides.

The key to Love is impartiality, where the observer and the observed are one."

- unknown

Love is one of the most powerful and the hardest virtue to grasp for our dual based mind.

Nearly every song and art glorifies love, yet we still struggle to fully grasp it’s concept.

Our desire to own love for ourselves only, without it ever leaving us

tends to come from the fact of not realizing that we in fact have love within us...

that we are love, the love of "All That Is", the Divine love that loves us unconditionally no matter what...

because it understands us, it knows us..., because it is us.

Faith is personal experience, unable to be fully defined.

It exists within us and is very tailored and individual just like our soul and personality.

It gives us that spark of life, uniqueness, and that special something that makes us shine in our own way.

That illuminates and guides. Every act we do every day is for somebody’s highest benefit.

We just don't know it.

In my life I have experienced many occurrences that left my jaw wide opened.

It was something I couldn’t explain. That’s what faith is. It is personal.

Just like our path and our truth of what is right for us and for our life,

it is something each and everyone of us has to find within.

It cannot be found outwards, it cannot be preached, it cannot be touched

and it cannot be is inside of us, because it is us.

And to reach the within, we sometimes must let go of all preconceptions, all dogmatic views...

To have faith is to believe in "All That Is" believe in us,

because we, in our infinity are "All That Is"...The Divine.

Sometimes to move forward in life, into a better place for us

one has to break everything down we have, loose everything we have...

in order to rebuild it and to rebuild us.

2015© Ester Young, All Rights Reserved

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