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  • Ester Caty Young

From Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous

Ascension; a remarkable, challenging and rewarding process which frees the Self from perceived limitations.

It is a change in frequency and a change in focus of consciousness, where both are continuously rising and soaring up to the Heavenly realm. It is a path of returning back home, where each and everyone of us belongs to and where each and everyone of us was created.

It is a process of awakening.

In the words of the timeless and extraordinary Nikola Tesla

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

One must come to understand that since we are the creation of the Universe we are also made of energy, frequency and vibration, which is in a constant evolution and change. That is why Ascension is a process that changes the energy, frequency and vibration of ourselves to a higher state; a state of awakening.

In the light body, you will know who you are: a pure, loving, united being with all other beings as part of the absolute; the "All There Is.", but still simultaneously individuated to be able to say to another being "We are both ONE".

Ascension breaks and dissipates the lower frequencies we have been trapped in for so long and experienced it in a matter of fear and limitation. You will experience awakening to the state of unity of the truth - that you are

the Master of Creation and that there is only love

and that only love is real.

“A few examples of ascension symptoms”​

* A deep longing to go Home even though you may not know where 'home' is.

* Feeling lost or a sudden loss of your old 'identity' and a calling to find your true self.

* You have lost your interest in the “New Age”

* Physicality may feel 'unreal' at times and external reality appears dreamlike at times.

* Abrupt changes with job, friends, hobbies, interests, or living environments or relocation

* Increase in daydreaming, fantasy

* Flashes of insights, visions, automatic writting

* Increased creativity, imagination, intuition

* Changes in diet, appetite and eating habits

* Sudden cravings for or aversions to certain foods; Unexplainable weight gain or loss

* Sudden intolerances/allergies to certain food or other products and chemical sensitivities

* Cold or Flu-like symptoms that appear and then disappear suddenly without escalating

* Headaches; head pressure or unusual sensations in the crown (warmth, tingling, pinpricks, pulsating energy)

* Increased Telepathy with other people / animals

* Feeling that you have a Divine purpose on the planet and that you are on a special "mission"

* As you further evolve, you re-unite with your “twin soulmate” who is a total reflection of you -

being together is like being with yourself and you feel a unity to Source as never before.


Please check first with your healthcare proffesional if you are experiencing any unsual changes within yourself.

Blessings, Ester ☆

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