• Ester Caty Young

Sassy Hassy

When it comes to medium format photography,

there has always been the one and only for me; Hasselblad 503cw.

I clicked with this beauty box like no other before.

It's not just the outstanding images, it's the fact that one has to think about their stuff.

Endless clicking with my D600 knowing that the delete button was

always at hand, when I was too exhausted browsing through

hundreds of photos accumulated my cards, that

didn't get me very excited the way I hoped for.

However that has changed with my Sassy Hassy;

the romantic timelessness of the film captures the moments like never before.

It wasn't just a clicking a shutter button anymore. It was so much more then that.

I finally felt like I was part of my camera. I have connected. I was actually creating photographs.

Attending a dark-room course at the moment has only put a cherry on top to this medium format experience.

The waist level view-finder offers an amazing three dimensional view,

you have to use light meter to focus manually and set the exposure correctly.

Then you have to compose throughly and when all feels right in your gutt, press the shutter button.

Knowing that I only have 12 frames to spare I finnally began to feel my photography for the very first time.

It forced me into thinking about exposures, compositions and eveything really, as I had to do it all by myself.

However the amazing reward apart from the breathtaking images this camera can produce

was the fact that I was actually learning about photography more then with my Nikon.

One cannot truly replicate that beautiful tonal range of film with digital cameras.

Medium format photography has more depth, more texture and feels more alive.

As a film lover, I have come to realise that for me the perfect photograph

is actually the one that has many flaws; it's unique and individual. It has a soul.

2014© Ester Young, All Rights Reserved

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