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Through the Ground Glass

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

When it comes to being creatively inspired,

then this wonderful short film pretty much embraces what some consider a lost art.

This is an Ode to the Large Format Photographer.

To me taking photographs is an almost meditative state.

It's something that is majestic yet humble at the same time

and the emotional power we put inside our art is what creates

that certain alluring aura we feel so attracted to.

It's a time for reflection of our life and the world around us,

which we then project onto our photographs.

As Kenny Werner wrote in his wonderful book Effortless Mastery,

which I recommend for anyone pursuing art, not just music:

“Ultimately, musicians of the world must come realize the potential of their calling.

Like the shamans, we may serve as healers, metaphysicians, inciters, exciters,

spiritual guides and sources of inspiration. If the musician is illuminated from within,

he becomes a lamp that lights other lamps. Then he is serving planet and its people,

healing what ails us. Such music is truly important. It is said that

“only one who obeys can truly command.” When the artist is immersed in a service,

giving himself up over and over again, another paradox occurs:

He is being seen by all others as a master.”

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