"know thyself" and your personal legend. . .


In-between the worlds, 

where art meets spirit

and faith follows omens, 

I bridge the earthly and divine threshold,

as a visual, poetic and psychic medium.

Currently residing in Ireland, 

I was born and raised in Prague

the Czech Republic, known as

"The Mother of Cities", "The Golden City", 

 and "The Heart of Europe"

Philosopher Gustav Meyrink once wrote:

“Prague does not have its name

for no reason - in truth, Prague is a threshold 

between the life on Earth and Heaven,

a threshold much thinner and narrower 

than in any other places…”

So, entwined in legends, tales and

prophecies, I want to transport you

to a world of poetic wanderings, art,

shamanism and self-empowerment.

Come with me on the quest to "Know Thyself" and discover your personal legend.

Converse with the gods, ancestors

and The Great Spirit over tea, astrology,

tarot, mediumship, automatic drawing,

karmic numerology and healing,

where my love of storytelling hopes to inspire.

Yours faithfully