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Ode to Leica

Leica, the rangefinder masterpiece,

defined by the iconic single red dot.

Handcrafted in a magical "Willy Wonka factory."

in Wetzlar, Germany, which gave it soul by

sprinkling its designs with magic,

angel dust and fairy sparkles.

It's undeniable that Leica cameras and

their lenses have something special going on.

It is that "Leica look" or "Leica glow" that brings

a certain magic to its photographs.

The interaction between the sensor, the film,

and the glass of the lens creates a beautiful symphony

that produces images like no other.

It follows my intuition and connects with me the same way

I connect to the inner feeling, urging me to press the shutter.

It is solely an emotional thing.

2019 © Ester Caty Young, All Rights Reserved

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