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Welcome to my shop

and let yourself be Spirited Away

in-between worlds where art meets spirit

​and where we cross the Divine threshold.

Choose from a selection of my artwork,

photographs printed on a finer art paper.

You can also book a consultation.

"Know thyself" and the story of your life

which is hidden in mysterious patterns

esoteric methods of Jewish mysticism,

in the constellations of your stars,

which are the map of your life

and in the symbolism of the tarot, 

which sees beyond the realms and reveals

what awaits you, what is hidden deep inside, what will not pass you by and so much more.

Shishi Myojo Hanko Logo
Art Shop, Fine Art Prints, Artwork


Coming Soon

Spiritual Shop, Tarot, Mediumship, Automatic Drawing, Healing, Astrology, Karmic Numerology
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