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Welcome to my shop which offers

prints of my artwork on fine art paper.

Ester's photographs, portrayed

in a painterly way, strive for a certain

romantic timelessness of “world no more”. 

She weaves a narrative that invites us

on a quest, pondering the presence

of something higher in our lives.

Fine-tuning one, into seeing

"that special something” back there,

even further, beyond the obvious;

the presence of the Divine in signs,

symbols and omens, and finding the invisible thread that weaves it all together.

Through her work, we get glimpses

of the wonders that deep exploration

and shifts in perception can bring us; 

a view of the divine written in a language

of light, shadow and dreams.

So let yourself be spirited away and fall into the reveries of her poetic art world

of ponderings, musings and reflections.

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