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Our personality is shaped by emotional patterns and themes without us realising it.

We project these out into the world. 

Horoscope describes these schemas.

Your horoscope began with your first breath. It helps us understand who we are, how we feel, and the origins of it all.

It helps us to get to know ourselves 

and understand those mechanisms and emotional patterns within our lives.

Those negative schemas are expressed

by problematic constellations 

and their interpretation can attune us

to how it relates to our lives.

Recognising those patterns and what controls them, means that we are no longer unconscious to them.

It is at that moment that those mechanisms lose strength, the negative constellations

affect our lives no more and we are not involuntary slaves to ourselves.

"Know Thyself" thus helps us elevate

our being to a higher level, where we are

more in equilibrium with our own lives.

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"Know thyself" and your personal legend

which is hidden in your natal chart.

We all have our own life story

and this is a map of your life,

which will help you understand yourself

and orient yourself on your way.

You will understand not only yourself,

but also to your life direction,

life trials, challenges,

weaknesses and potentials.​

Star's stories reveal paths unseen,

guiding pilgrims to find their way.

Unveiling What Will Be or What Has Been,

In their light night turns to day.

Please provide me with your full name,

date, time and place of birth.

This is important for the session.

Once payment is confirmed,

we will set a date for consultation over Skype.

I look forward to meeting

With respect and love, Ester ☆

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