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Divine Calling is from the Italy Series.

Follow the spirit of a Nun who wanders

through the narrow streets

Under the Tuscan Sun of Cortona.

Her journey, just like ours, is a reflection

of our faith, fate, and destiny,

as her wanders take her from the light of day to the dark of night, to the edge of heaven.

It weaves a narrative that invites us on

a quest, pondering the presence of something higher in our lives. Fine-tuning one, into

seeing "that special something" back there, even further, beyond the obvious - the presence of the Divine in signs and omens.

Fine Art Paper


Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl


70 x 70 cm (External dimensions: 76 x 76 cm)

3 cm White Boarder


* quote on custom sizes

* quote on Artist signed & stamped Fine Art Print

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