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The Spiritual Affair of Art

Art; the affair of human soul and creativity. The spark of the divine that flows through us like a tap water, waiting to be transported, transmuted and materialised into the world. Every art is valuable and every art counts; big or small, simple or complex.

For some of us, it is a connection that keeps us in touch with the universe, for some of us it is a means to joy and self-validation and for some of us it is a staple that keeps us alive and sane.

Art expresses our emotions, primarily love in all it's forms, intertwined with our humanity.

Our very existence is a vibrational compound of feelings

that change their frequencies and with that just like a camera lens

it opens or closes it’s portal to higher consciousness and to the divine….

letting less or more light in, depending on our state of being.

When we are open we become a channel for the creative energy that flows

down through us from that higher consciousness; like a waterfall. Our creativity is therefore transcendental. All of this can be fairly subtle and we might not even be aware of it

on a conscious level, but our spirit knows.

Art unites our soul’s otherworldly existence with the reality of ourselves here on earth;

creating visions that can exceed our conscious understanding.”

These experiences, fictions, fantasies and surreality are the artistic tools we use to move our visions on the wheels of Divine into our world.

It offers us and others release, healing, guidance, awareness, inspiration, awakening and forward momentum.

Creativity to me is an outburst of our spirit and our art is the embodiment of our essence....

the veins of the Divine, which we essentially are.

Combining such with healing lifts the veil from our eyes and allows us remember.

it is a process of awakening from our state of amnesia which we are born with

(necessary for us to learn, grow and evolve) into this world

to a state of connecting back to our is a process of

awakening into our Divinity.

Charles Bukowski once said: “The way to create art is to burn and destroy ordinary concepts and to substitute them with new truths that runs down from the top of the head and out of the heart”

2015© Ester Young, All Rights Reserved

Photography by © Ester Young

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